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Hello buyers!

Say you’ve just placed an order on - what happens next?

We want to make buying HORECA products and services in the UAE as easy as possible, so once we’ve received your order, it’s all “go, go, go” and:

  • You’ll get an immediate order confirmation email with a link to your Tawreed account, which shows you everything you ordered
  • You’ll also receive a What’s App from your  personal Tawreed go-to-sourcing guy, who will update you on the  progress of your order. If you have any questions or want to make changes, you simply message us via What’s App or your Tawreed Market account.
  • The suppliers you ordered from will also get notified immediately and you’ll receive a notification email once a supplier has received and accepted your order.

We connect you directly with the suppliers, so you can communicate with them about your order. If your order contains items from more than one supplier, we’ll connect you to all the suppliers you ordered from.

Once your order is ready for delivery, we’ll send you a message with the delivery details, date, & time. All you need to do is receive the order and pay on delivery. Don’t want to pay cash on delivery? Have a look at our Tawreed Circle of Trust payment method - it might just be what you’re looking for!

We’ll also check back with you afterwards to make sure you’re happy with your order and to ask you for feedback. You can leave reviews for every product or service you order from and for every supplier you buy from – your reviews will help others to select the right products and services and they’ll also provide important feedback for suppliers.

Questions or problems? You’ll simply message, email, or call us and we’ll do the rest. Try us now risk free - we’ll refund if you’re not satisfied. 

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