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Pest Control: useful checklist for any restaurant

Any type of restaurant may face the problem of pests, so you may be wondering how to get rid of insects in restaurant. These are the three basic steps you should follow to arrange a pest control system in your restaurant.

Inspection will help you define the problem areas where the pests are harboring and traveling. This will give you an idea of where to apply pesticides.

Look for possible hiding spots for live pests, feces, cast skins, and egg cases. Based on the traces left by rodents, roaches, and flies you can find the spots of active infestations.

According to the guidelines for pest control for restaurants, the spots to be inspected include sinks, floor drains, kitchen appliances, trash bins, wall voids, electrical outlets, and electrical boxes. Do not forget to check the tubing on furniture and equipment legs. Look for cracks, crevices, or voids where a pest may have penetrated.

Place glue boards near the infestations that you found. They will help you define what type of pests you have and where to apply the treatment.

One of the crucial elements in pest control is proper sanitation. Trash bins, sinks, floors, and kitchen equipment should be cleaned regularly, especially before leaving overnight. Any of these areas could be subject to a pest infestation if you leave them unchecked.

Exclusion means preventing pests from penetrating your building. There should be tight weather seals around doors and windows. Caulk any openings leading to wall voids and do not leave doors or unscreened windows open. If you’d like to prevent pests from invading indoors, you should make an effort to treat pests outside.

The three most common pests in restaurants include roaches, flies, and rodents. Taking the three above-mentioned steps consistently over time will help you reduce and control the pest problem. The second component in the solution is applying pesticides properly. Below you will find some tips on how to get rid of pests in restaurant kitchen.

How to get rid of cockroaches (bugs) in restaurant

To deal with roaches, apply treatment to cracks, holes, and wall voids. Roach bait, insecticides, and insect growth regulators are the three types of treatment that you need.  

  • Roach baits should be placed in cracks or crevices where roach feces have been located.

  • Apply insecticide in the form of dust or foam straight into the wall voids with plumbing pipes and into the voids behind the kitchen appliances. Due to the humidity coming from the pipes, these are the most favorite hiding places of the cockroaches.

  • Ensure additional control with the help of liquid insecticides in combination with insect growth regulators. It is very important to take all necessary precautions when applying these treatments. Apply them in a low-pressure setting, avoid splashing or runoff near food prep surfaces. Do not forget to apply protective barriers of insecticides on the outside of the building to keep insects from entering your restaurant.
How to get rid of cockroaches (bugs) in restaurant

How to get rid of flies in a restaurant

It may be especially challenging to deal with flies in a restaurant because they fly right in every time the door is opened. Nevertheless, having flies inside is associated with poor sanitation. The potential problem is caused by the areas that are not cleaned properly. Perform a thorough inspection to find any fly breeding areas.

  • Check trash bins, loose floor tiles, and sink drains, as well as the voids behind and under equipment.

  • A food service environment may be invaded by many types of flies. They include drain flies, fruit flies, vinegar flies, phorid flies, blowflies, and common house flies. There is a little different treatment for each kind of fly, nevertheless, each of the steps listed below will help you establish a proper fly management system.

  • The most important thing in fly management is preventing the flies from entering the building. The trash collection areas outside your facility should be kept as clean as possible. The dumpster lids should be closed at all times when not in use. Place fly baits near the trash collection areas.

  • Indoors, place fly light traps in the areas not visible to the public.

  • Keep sink and floor drains extremely clean, as they are major breeding grounds for most types of flies. Use an enzyme-based cleaner at least once a week to eliminate the organic matter residing inside the drains.

How to get rid of rats (rodents) in a restaurant:

Rodents are a common problem in foodservice facilities. You should have a clear understanding of how to get rid of rodents in restaurant.

  • Try to locate all possible entry points and seal them with mesh or foam.

  • Pay attention to the tiniest cracks in the structure, because rats and mice are notorious for forcing their way in. 

  • Keep the trash collection areas as clean as possible and keep the lids closed at all times when not in use.

  • Keep grassy areas outside mowed to eliminate possible hiding spots.

  • Place rodent bait near garbage collection areas and along outdoor structure walls to get rid of rodents outdoors.

  • If you already have rat or mouse infestation in a commercial kitchen, you will have to use glue boards and/or snap traps. Place the traps near the areas where you find dropping or near the areas where rodents or rodent damage has been detected. Do not use rodenticides (rat poison or mouse poison) in indoor areas. There is a risk of a rodent dying in an inaccessible area causing a horrible stench, flies, maggots, roaches, and beetles.
How to get rid of rats (rodents) in a restaurant

Consult with your pest control service

Pests infestations are associated with serious health risks as bearers of various germs and diseases. Unfortunately, since pests tend to feed on various types of organic waste, restaurants offer the perfect conditions to attract flies, cockroaches, and rodents. If the situation gets out of control or you are not sure how to deal with it on your own, call your local pest control service.

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