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Hello suppliers!

You’re selling your products on and someone just placed an order - what happens next?

We want to make selling HORECA products and services in the UAE as easy as possible, so once a customer has placed and order, we;ll swing into action and:

  • Send you an immediate email notification with all the details of the customer and the order - you just need to accept it.
  • Once you’ve accepted the order, we’ll notify the customer and he can communicate with you directly via a What’s App chat we create especially for the order.
  • You’ll have all the customer’s details on hand, so no chasing for missing info and you can go straight to what you do best: Order fulfillment.

Once you let us know that the order is ready for delivery, we’ll notify the customer. YOu deliver and the customer pays you immediately in cash or via our Tawreed Circle of Trust - safe, smooth, and time-saving.

We’ll also check back with you afterwards to make sure everything has gone smoothly and we’ll encourage all customers to leave reviews for every product or service they buy from – the more good reviews you get for your products and for your customer service, the more customers will order from you.

Questions or problems? You’ll simply message, email, or call us and we’ll do the rest. Try us now risk free - it’s the modern way to sell to HORECA businesses in the UAE.