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UAE Restaurant Open Meeting; How it went!

UAE Restaurant Open Meeting #2 took place yesterday!
We discussed some insights that may help the restaurant’s community to grow and work better!
It was a great time & we are grateful for everyone who came!🤩

Have you missed the meeting? Don’t be sad. We can’t share the delicious food from Sushi Nationa on tea time with you, but we can share some top-points we have discussed:

Leo shared his experience of building the system of delivery for the super-fast service Yalla!Mart and shared some ideas on how a restaurant can set up its own delivery. There are three of them, take a note!

  • Make your own delivery service in order to avoid dependence on aggregators
  • Team up with another restaurant and split the delivery prices
  • Use electric bicycles and electric scooters for the nearest areas as it can save fuel significantly

We also discussed how restaurants can effectively attract customers on their own:

  • According to the experience of restaurants, this is advertising on Facebook and on other social platforms
  • Special promo based on competitor analytics

Follow up our news & join the next meeting!