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Restaurateurs meeting in Dubai

The past two years have been challenging for all of us. Lockdown caused great damage to the global economy and the restaurant business is no exception because the restaurant sector is directly related to the service sector. 

Under the conditions of covid restrictions, many establishments and businesses fell into decay, many were closed for good but we are not going to give up. In such a difficult time, Tawreed strives to make the Community more cohesive and united. To discuss the problems, Dubai restaurateurs organized a meeting at one of the most famous restaurants in the city, Sushi Nation.

About 130 people gathered within the walls of the restaurant, where all attendees used personal protective equipment. At the same time, all conditions were created for the full integration of participants' opinions and views.

Among the most active participants of the meeting we would like to highlight: 
Swiss Box; 
Back to Grill; 
India Palace Restaurant; 
CCR Restaurant group; 
Pietza Pizza Restaurant; 

After a short acquaintance and conversation, all the guests were offered a set of Japanese cuisine, which everyone could try for free. Tawreed was happy to help the hosts of the event by providing all the necessary ingredients for dishes.

The main topic of the meeting was the struggle against the negative consequences of the pandemic and ways to solve the problems that have arisen in the restaurant business. Among the issues raised: 

  • Issuing of VISA - to reduce the cost for each employee; 
  • The rental rates issue, which didn't reduce during the pandemic.
  • We talked about the staff shortage, which significantly affects the quality of work; 
  • Clarified the CAP discounts issue - limiting the amount of discounts on aggregators so not to lose money; 
  • The overuse of tablets, which is manifested in the enormous amount of aggregators and tablets in the restaurants that should be reduced; 
  • We discussed customer requests and expectations, not only delivery but also quality; 
  • And at the end we had a talk about the delivery guys and delivery in general. You need to work not only on the speed of delivery, but also on the quality itself. It's important to work out the routes of the drivers and manage the areas they are responsible for. 
  • In addition, the performance base issue was also highlighted during the meeting. Drivers should perform well to reach their deliveries throughout the day

After the discussion, the attendees were asked to share their impressions and evaluate the effectiveness of the meeting, so that everyone could make their own suggestions and comments. 

India Palace Restaurant: "The event was very informative, we learned a lot and shared our story. Many issues still require detailed research, so we will try to meet more often. We are open to communication and discussion of new ideas. Quality is important to us and we will strive to achieve our goals".

CCR Restaurant group: "Organization and productive work are very important for us.  This meeting showed that we are ready to cooperate and solve emerging problems, adopting the experience of each other. This was only the first meeting, but we are already preparing for the second. We hope that in the future other restaurateurs will join us and together we can come to a common solution and achieve common goals of the Community".

Pietza Pizza Restaurant: "The meeting gave us a lot of new solutions to deal with the crisis.  We still have a lot of work to do to cope with the consequences of the coronavirus. But we hope that such meetings will be able to unite our Community".

The majority agreed that in order to combat such a global problem, meetings should be held on a regular basis. As a result, all participants agreed to hold meetings every two months, the next meeting is scheduled for November 8th.